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About the Institute

The Institute for Applied Mindfulness (IAM) is an initiative of the Earth & Spirit Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching mindfulness and other practices to support personal growth, healthy communities, and a thriving natural world.  Founded in 2005, the Earth & Spirit Center is the largest provider of bricks-and-mortar mindfulness instruction in the Central United States, working with over 4,000 participants every year. ESC has a strong regional reputation as a provider of rigorous, high-quality programs in mindfulness and related topics – for beginners and experienced practitioners alike – across a diverse participant spectrum of age, race, and socio-economic status. Housed in a unique, historic brick barn and sitting on 27 picturesque acres of woods, fields, and gardens, ESC provides a peaceful, retreat-like atmosphere to take a break from the stresses and strains of organizational life – while located only minutes from downtown Louisville. 


The goal of IAM is to apply the principles and practices of mindfulness in the sphere of organizational leadership and development, in order to help non-profit and for-profit organizations of all sizes create thriving workplace cultures, fulfill their mission effectively, and contribute to the broader social and environmental good. We recognize that organizations face an array of challenges, including navigating a highly competitive environment, recruiting and retaining strong talent, ensuring high employee effectiveness and satisfaction (especially with remote and hybrid work environments), managing stress and burnout at all levels, and fostering a workplace that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive.  As an increasing number of scientific studies demonstrates the array of physical, psychological, and community-oriented benefits of secular mindfulness practices, we are confident that these practices provide helpful tools for organizations to become healthier and more effective.


IAM fosters organizational development by providing a suite of standard and customized workshops, retreats, and consulting/coaching services for organizational leaders and leadership teams. Initial areas of focus include cultivating basic mindfulness, compassion, and resiliency practices; improving self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and communication; strengthening team-building; incorporating conscious business principles; and creating a low-distraction, highly-effective workplace. Amongst a crowded field of consultants and coaches, IAM stands out because of our strong reputation for providing rigorous mindfulness instruction, our experienced instructors and facilitators, and our ability to host groups at our beautiful campus within a nature preserve.

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