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Our Core Programs

The Institute for Applied Mindfulness offers an array of services to clients. Any or all of our programs can be expanded, combined, or customized in ways that serve our client's needs. 

Basic Mindfulness and Compassion Instruction


The purpose of this offering is to:

  • introduce organizational leaders and teams to the physical, psychological, and workplace benefits of mindfulness;

  • provide a set of specific practices that will cultivate more mindful and compassionate employees and workplace cultures; and

  • offer opportunities to experience these practices under the guidance of the facilitator. 


These services can be offered in a variety of formats – depending on organizational needs and budget – ranging from a single 90-minute workshop, to half-day and full-day retreats, to weekly classes over a 4- to 8-week period. 


Mindful Team Building

ESC has installed a six-station, low-ropes team-building course in part of its wooded acreage.  IAM can offer mindful team-building experiences as stand-alone half- or full-day retreats or, like #1 above, as part of a larger program that IAM does or does not facilitate.

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Mindful Leadership Principles and Practices

These programs, offered at ESC or organizational venues, integrate basic mindfulness practices with cutting-edge organizational leadership principles to foster and support leaders who are self-aware, compassionate, emotionally intelligent, clear-sighted, organized, and effective.  The primary format will be a half-day workshop, with the possibility of follow-up consulting and coaching with individual leaders and/or leadership teams. 


Creating a Mindful, Low-Distraction Workplace

This half-day workshop will describe the challenges of work amidst myriad distractions and a lack of clarity about work product expectations and work methods.  It will then introduce a variety of practices that bring mindfulness to project management, email and meetings, and general time-management, including the creation and preservation of regular blocks of uninterrupted time. This is what Dr. Cal Newport calls “deep work,” i.e., undistracted cognitive work that creates powerful, needle-moving results.  Additional workshops or consulting can follow the initial workshop.

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