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“I’d recommend this class to anyone searching for a deeper meaning to their existence, more purpose to their daily activities, or simply peace amidst the general chaos of life”

Brian Riendeau

Retired Executive Director, Dare to Care Food Bank, Louisville Kentucky


“The course made it easy to turn a mysterious concept mindfulness into a simple and generative practice that will serve me for a lifetime.  I would recommend it to anyone!”

Tom Williams

Partner at Stoll, Keenon, Ogden, PLLC and co-chairman of the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville


“Mindful meditation has been truly revolutionary for me. I highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to develop a greater sense of internal serenity or a stronger understanding of self.”

Sarah Davasher-Wisdom

President and CEO of Greater Louisville Inc.


“The course was amazing and I highly recommend it, as it truly helped bring focus, clarity and peace of mind to my business and life.”

Joshua Rose

Co-Founder and Partner, Able and Rose Law


“I would highly recommend the introduction to mindfulness meditation course to everyone. It has had a profound effect on me and how I view and handle all aspects of life.”

Jane Morreau

Executive Vice President and Cheif Financial Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation


“Most powerful course I’ve ever taken! I learned how to clear my mind and make a path for my emotional intelligence to guide me. I’m healthier, happier and more productive.”

Barbara Sexton Smith

Former Member of the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Council

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